4 B2B Pay Per Lead Services For Every Lead Gen Goal

February 14, 2024

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Are you struggling to find high-quality leads in a bottomless pit of empty, B2B lead generation promises? B2B pay per lead services can be the answer to this dilemma.

We know, we know: you ticked all the right boxes — ran campaigns, created content, and optimized your strategy like a pro. 

Yet, the leads aren’t flowing at the rate you expected. What’s worse, the leads you do manage to generate aren’t translating into sales. And numbers prove that increasing lead conversions and quality are one of the few major marketing trends.


This is a story as old as time… or, at least, as old as marketing.

Hey, we get it. It can be downright frustrating and not a little disappointing, especially when you have invested considerable resources in it. But what if I told you there’s a way out? 🤔

Most marketers don’t realize it but the solution to this predicament lies in a model they are already quite familiar with: B2B pay per lead services. But what some don’t understand is that not every pay-per-lead service is equal.

With the right B2B demand generation services, you only pay for results – real, live leads that can fuel your sales pipeline and skyrocket your growth.

So are you ready to ditch the dead ends and discover the secret sauce to your B2B lead generation success?

To begin, I’ll help you understand what is B2B pay per lead marketing, its four major services, and real-life case studies of companies that have used B2B pay per lead services to a high degree of success.

What is pay per lead in B2B marketing and lead gen?

When we talk about “leads,” we’re referring to potential customers who have expressed some interest in what you’re offering. Typically, these people are intrigued by what you are offering but not quite ready to commit.

Now, there’s a lineup of leads at different stages of the sales funnel:

  • Contact data: The bare minimum, where you’re dealing with just contact information of a new set of audience (usually sold by data providers)
  • Cold leads: Not-so-warm prospects who haven’t shown much interest in your offerings.
  • Warm leads: Somewhere in the middle – they’ve expressed interest but aren’t sprinting to the checkout just yet. They need a bit more nurturing.
  • Qualified leads: These are the cream of the crop – genuinely interested potential customers who align with your ideal customer criteria and are likely to make a purchase.

To make the most of your efforts, your sales team should cozy up to those qualified leads. That’s where you customize your digital marketing tactics, saving time, effort, and money.

This is where B2B pay-per-lead services come in:

Pay-per-lead (PPL) represents a lead generation model in which businesses pay to get potential customers through specific marketing efforts. In B2B marketing, this model is focused on offering contact details from marketing professionals who have expressed interest in a specific product or service. 

Unlike traditional models that charge for clicks, impressions, or a list of new email addresses, pay per lead ensures that payment is tied directly to tangible and potentially valuable leads. As such, it can result in higher lead quality.

In the B2B tech sector, where precise targeting is the name of the game, pay-per-lead services are the secret sauce that lets martech companies fine-tune their marketing budget. You are not spreading your resources thin; you are pinpointing them to where they will have the most impact. In your case, on leads that are most likely to convert.

Which marketing services have pay-per-lead models?

The range of pay per lead services out there can be pretty endless.

Depending on how different marketing service providers run their business, you can expect to see tactics like these be offered pay-per-lead services:

  • Email campaign services [leads]
  • Search engine optimization [web traffic or leads]
  • Appointment setting [meetings]
  • Content syndication [downloads]
  • Webinars [registrants]
  • Some forms of advertising [leads]
  • Intent data [leads]
  • Social media marketing [followers]

But there’s a catch.

Not many vendors and providers offer pay per lead services. That’s because it usually means the vendor must absorb more risk. And some marketing tactics, like advertising and SEO, naturally come with a lot of risk.

But, some tactics do work well with this model. Among the most effective examples of pay-per-lead services are the ones offered by ViB including

  • Appointments: This is where you pay for each qualified meeting or each genuine chat with potential clients.
  • Webinars: Paying per qualified attendee – the marketing executives who’ve attended your interactive digital event.
  • Syndication: Paying for each qualified download – for those who’ve opted to receive great content from you.
  • Deal Intent: Paying for each qualified intent lead – the serious contenders, the ones eyeing a deal.
  • Emails: This is a great way to reach potential business customers and generate leads through email marketing campaigns. Perfect for targeting and reaching new prospects who aren’t already in your database.

Wondering what’s so great about ViB solutions? Let me show you a real-life example:

Guardicore's success with ViB Appointments

In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Paula Ellis, Director of Demand Generation at Guardicore, sought alternative methods to drive leads globally. Live events were no longer viable, prompting the need for a new strategy.

Paula turned to ViB for their Appointments solution to expand Guardicore’s reach and generate high-quality leads. Impressed by our transparency and responsiveness, Paula appreciated the cost-effective pilot program, offering a low-risk introduction.

Results were impressive, with the conversion rate from lead to opportunity soaring to over 60% in a few weeks. Paula commended ViB for its innovative approach and responsiveness during a challenging time, stating that ViB played a crucial role in helping Guardicore pivot and meet their lead generation goals. ViB’s reliability and effectiveness in delivering a solid return on investment were key contributors to Guardicore’s marketing success.

4 types of B2B pay per lead services explained

Let’s look at some examples of pay per lead services, in detail.

These services offer diverse ways to connect with potential customers, each tailored to specific goals and stages of the buyer’s journey. 

Now, let me walk you through you some of the most important B2B pay per lead services like webinars, appointments, syndication, and deal intent. 🔍

Webinar marketing services: Pay per attendee

To start let’s highlight the importance of webinars. Webinars are a powerful tool to connect with your audience, providing valuable insights, and prompting interactive discussions. However, are you aware that the typical attendance rate for B2B tech marketers’ webinars averages only 37.5%?

Therefore, with a pay-per-attendee service, marketers can ensure their webinars not only deliver content but also guarantee a substantial number of registrants. This means more eyes on your content and increased opportunities to turn those attendees into qualified leads.

Ultimately, with ViB Webinars, the approach goes beyond the ordinary. ViB Webinars is your all-in-one solution for virtual events, making the whole process a breeze. We handle everything – from planning and promotion to hosting, tracking, and delivering leads. 

What makes ViB Webinars stand out? 

We offer you a successful lead guarantee strategy. We’ll keep promoting your B2B event until your goals are met without any hassle on your end. If you want to connect with a tech-savvy crowd, we have our million-strong community for that. You just give us your topic and speakers, and we’ll set up a top-notch webinar – live or simulated. 

We take care of the nitty-gritty, allowing you to reuse those recordings as much as you want. And the best part? We ensure your event gets the attention it deserves, drawing in a crowd of qualified tech professionals, part of the ViB Community, who have been precisely targeted based on your specific criteria.

Plus, if live presentations aren’t your thing, no worries – you can provide an existing recording, and we’ll make it happen as a live event. At ViB, we are all about flexibility and making your life easier.

Now, let me show you a case study about the effectiveness of ViB Webinars:

Webinar pay per lead case study: Donoma Software

In 2020, Donoma Software had big plans for their new product, OneVault, but the pandemic threw a curveball, canceling major industry events. Parker Pearson, the VP of Marketing & Business Development, needed a creative way to generate buzz and business in this new landscape. That’s when ViB came into play.

After a successful lead gen engagement with ViB, Parker explored their custom webinar offering. ViB took the reins on the logistics and attendance, allowing Parker to just show up and present. The result? A webinar in June coincided with OneVault’s launch that filled Parker’s pipeline with over 140 registrations and sparked early buying conversations.

Parker appreciates ViB’s collaborative and responsive approach. The partnership isn’t just about promoting Donoma Software; it’s a two-way street. ViB connects them to an audience genuinely interested in solutions like OneVault. According to Parker, ViB is the go-to resource to spread awareness and connect with the right crowd. This successful webinar not only hit their yearly goal but solidified ViB as a valuable ally in navigating the niche market with precision.

2 - Content syndication services [pay per download]

To begin, let’s define what content syndication is. Content Syndication is a strategic approach to amplify the reach of your content by distributing it across various platforms.

Your main goal is to expand exposure beyond your channels, connecting with a broader and more diverse audience. 

But there’s a catch. While this approach taps into existing audiences and boosts your brand visibility, there are hurdles. Making sure your content resonates with varied audiences isn’t as easy as it seems. One size rarely fits everyone in content syndication.

And here’s the kicker – turning this diverse audience into top-notch prospects takes extra effort and strategy to nurture leads from all corners. It’s a delicate balance and all pieces need to fall into place.

With pay-per-download, you get a straightforward way to boost your content’s reach and gather leads genuinely interested in what you offer. It guarantees downloads for your digital assets, ensuring your content gets into the hands of your target audience. 

Moreover, pay per download means you only invest when your content gets the attention it deserves, making it a cost-effective strategy for content promotion and lead generation.

Generating a guaranteed volume of leads with ViB Syndication

With ViB Syndication, it’s all about guaranteeing results for your valuable assets. We take your content and match it with tech profiles actively on the lookout for fresh insights and solutions. Our qualified download guarantee is the secret sauce that helps you get the outcomes you signed up for.

In conclusion, ViB Syndication can help you make the most out of your content. We can help you extend the reach of your content beyond your usual online spots, tapping into our ViB Community of tech professionals actively searching for valuable insights.

So, whether you’re after specific job titles, company sizes, or industries, we are equipped to pinpoint and deliver your content directly to the right audience.

The beauty of ViB syndication is that you only pay for leads that meet your quality standards. Every lead goes through a vetting process, aligning with your targeting specifications. Take it from me, we always offer quality over quantity.

Discover everything you need to know about ViB Syndication, including how it works, the challenges it solves, and its success stories, through our comprehensive video walkthrough.

Syndication pay per lead case study: Google

Mike Hardwicke Brown, the VP of Demand Generation at Google, faced a common marketing challenge: getting top-quality content beyond their website. Traditional content syndication platforms weren’t cutting it — costly, content fatigue, and no sustainable results.

With ViB syndication, however, things took a turn. ViB not only met but exceeded expectations — no content exhaustion, consistently high-quality leads, and a vendor committed to enhancing performance.

The success story extended to ViB’s B2B appointment setting service. The first ten appointments generated by ViB resulted in eight meetings, six of which turned into opportunities.

Impressively, ViB delivered a 4x increase in pipeline compared to other vendors, a 50% lead-to-opportunity conversion rate, and 100% qualified leads. This consistent stream of high-quality leads allowed Mike’s team to redirect resources to other initiatives, like launching Google’s first conference — a smashing success.

ViB proved to be the game-changer Google needed for impactful and efficient lead generation.

Graph of Tools tactics and trends in 2023 - B2B Marketing Trends Report ViB

3 - Intent data services [pay per intent lead]

To begin let’s define what intent data offers.  Intent data unveils clues about a prospect’s real interests and buying intentions, guiding you to the right opportunities.

However, it comes with its own set of challenges as sorting through all of that and pinpointing the prospects truly committed to sealing the deal can be tricky. Not to mention, the ambiguous buyer intent signals.

This is where ViB Deal Intent comes in!

How does ViB Deal Intent uncover guaranteed opportunities?

This solution allows high-tech marketers to pinpoint sales-ready leads, with signals like increased content consumption, recent budget approvals, and inquiries indicating a strong likelihood of purchasing readiness.

ViB’s Deal Intent provides explicit intent data, including the lead’s interest timeline, role in the buyer committee, decision-making stage, goals, challenges, budget, competitors considered, and explicit interest in being contacted.

In brief, once sales teams identify sales-ready leads, Deal Intent empowers them to create personalized pitches.

This includes adjusting engagement based on the lead’s interest timeline, tailoring pitches for different buyer committee personas, addressing lead concerns using explicit intent data, offering budget-sensitive packages, and positioning the solution as superior to alternatives.

ViB’s Deal Intent goes beyond typical data points, providing insights that enable personalized outreach tailored to each lead’s unique needs and concerns.

Armed with this information, sales teams can operate more efficiently, focusing efforts on prospects who are not just interested but are also more likely to convert into customers.

ViB Community members willingly share their active projects’ details and provide consent to be contacted directly by you. This direct approach contributes to record lead-to-deal conversions, eliminating the guesswork and effort traditionally associated with nurturing leads to a sales-ready state.

Hence, the biggest benefit is that it allows businesses to invest in leads that have already shown interest in their products or services.
This is considered less risky compared to investing in leads at the awareness or consideration stages, where the chances of these leads actually making a purchase are less certain.

4 - Appointment setting services [pay per appointment]

If you wait too long for leads to come to you, chances are you are going to be left behind in the dust. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just skip to a sales meeting?

However, that’s easier said than done. 

Here’s why:

5 reasons it's so hard to generate high quality leads

Download the full infographic here.

First, this B2B demand generation solution connects you directly with potential buyers who willingly apply for demos or meetings. It allows marketers to leverage our vast high-tech professional community to cut through the noise and accelerate sales cycles.

Therefore, ViB Appointments puts you in control, eliminating the need for extensive SDR training. Our pay-per-completed meeting model ensures you pay only for successful engagements.

In conclusion, just imagine prospects opting in to meet you after a tailored request, free from pushy pitches. ViB Appointments allows precise targeting by job titles, geography, and industries. We actively promote your request, members sign up, and we hand over contact details for you to schedule meetings.

This gives you a direct path to reach intended appointments and make impactful engagements.

Let me show you how it’s done:

Case Study: Ermetic

Ermetic, a cloud infrastructure security startup, partnered with ViB in 2018 to scale its global sales. Facing challenges with brand awareness, ViB’s brand-agnostic landing page within the ViB community delivered twice as many meetings as Ermetic’s small internal team. ViB Appointments became a key component of Ermetic’s growth strategy, delivering higher opportunities to close than other lead sources. 

Despite initial skepticism, Bruce Gibson, now AVP of Inside Sales, highlights ViB’s commitment to quality, messaging control, and higher conversion rates. With a 50% lead-to-opportunity conversion rate, a $100,000 average opportunity size, and a 20% higher opportunity size than internal sources, ViB Appointments have proven indispensable for Ermetic’s hypergrowth.

How much should you pay for lead generation?

According to Marketing Charts, the current average cost per lead is $208.

However, the actual cost of lead generation can vary widely depending on various factors, including the industry, target audience, lead quality, and the methods used.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, as different businesses have different goals, resources, audience sizes, and lead conversion difficulty.

ViB’s plans and pricing options enable customization, letting you define targeting requirements, adjust volume, and scale with subscriptions to meet diverse goals and budgets.

Similarly, you can
define your targeting requirements, whether broad or niche, based on factors such as job titles, levels, geography, company size, revenue, industries, technologies, or ABM lists.

Thereafter, you can also customize your volume by starting with introductory offers designed for new clients, and enjoy volume-based discounts as your needs grow. ViB’s pricing structure is designed to accommodate goals and budgets of all sizes.

For scalability, ViB provides subscription options, allowing you to drive a predictable inbound flow of leads or meetings on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis across a range of solutions.

Discover ideal solutions for your business through our affordable and transparent pricing packages.

In conclusion, with ViB, you can effortlessly choose, integrate, and implement personalized solutions to craft an integrated marketing plan.

Why the pay per lead model is a game changer in lead generation

Are you wondering why you should invest in a pay per lead model?

Consider this: 49% of B2B marketers prioritize increasing lead generation as their top B2B marketing goal for 2024. 

The reason is that the pay-per-lead model offers a high-reward investment associated with low risk.

Reasons for investing in B2B pay per lead services: 

  • Assured results: With the pay-per-lead model, businesses only pay for the actual leads delivered. This straightforward approach ensures that you’re getting tangible outcomes for your investment, making it easier to measure and justify the costs
  • Higher ROI: Did you know digital ad spending hit $485 million in 2023? Let’s face it — lots of B2B companies find it a real struggle to get the bang for their buck. Contrarily, pay-per-lead models ensure every budget portion contributes to a high ROI, giving you a solid return on investment in lead generation.
  • Flexibility in volume: This model allows businesses to set specific lead volume targets based on their needs and goals. Whether you aim for a fixed number, a minimum quantity, or maximum leads within a time frame, the pay-per-lead model provides flexibility to align with your objectives.
  • Incentives for quality: Your pay-per-lead partner has a direct incentive to generate high-quality leads as their success hinges on your progress. Reputable agencies guaranteeing qualified leads are motivated to deliver optimal results, ensuring better leads, increased efficiency, and potentially reduced cost-per-lead.
  • Simplified negotiation: Negotiating and extending contracts become more straightforward in the pay-per-lead model. Businesses can clearly define expectations, agree on a specific cost per lead, and evaluate the success of the partnership based on the actual delivered results.
  • Budget-friendly: This model is particularly advantageous for businesses with varying budgets. The flexibility in adjusting lead volume and the ability to customize targeting specifics allow businesses of all sizes to participate and benefit from these lead generation services.

B2B lead generation companies can be your secret weapon for acquiring top-notch leads at lightning speed, giving you a competitive edge.

Want more help to understand these pay per lead services?

Get your list of questions ready, because we’re here to help answer them!

Whether you’re looking for more clarity, or aiming for more visibility or a steady flow of qualified leads, ViB brings the resources, expertise, and track record of success to supercharge your pipeline and propel business growth. 

Connect with a team member today, and let’s kickstart your journey to success! 🚀

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