Need More Leads? 8 Tips for Successful B2B Lead Generation Campaigns

March 1, 2023

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When you need more leads to fill your pipeline and keep your sales team happy and productive, it’s time to launch a B2B lead generation campaign. To gain the maximum ROI from your lead generation campaign requires following best practices. 

We gather eight essential must-haves when it comes to effective B2B demand generation. Incorporate some or all of them into your next lead generation campaign — and watch your campaigns perform better than ever before.

We gathered five B2B marketing leaders and asked them to share their thoughts on what marketers should focus on for effective and profitable marketing campaigns

Tip 1 — Create a clear campaign objective

 Setting an objective upfront will help give your lead generation campaign focus — which will help you reach your goals. Examples of valuable outcomes include the number of leads you want to generate or the amount of revenue per lead you want to gain. 

You can hone in on a clear and precise campaign objective by asking yourself a variety of questions, such as: What would you consider to be a success? What are you offering prospects to convert them into leads? To whom will you report your results?

Tip 2 — Choose a buyer persona(s)

Buyer personas help identify the type of leads you’re looking for, so you can craft your campaign messaging in ways that speak directly to your buyer persona’s needs, wants, and concerns. As a result, your marketing messages will resonate with them and increase the likelihood that they’ll respond to your campaign’s call to action. 

Also, understand where exactly your buyer personas are in the customer journey. This will provide the context that is critical for shaping everything from your campaign list building, messaging, and follow up.

Tip 3 — Segment your prospect list

Not every lead will be worth pursuing — and some leads will require specialized messaging. That’s why after creating your prospect list, you should segment the list into smaller, highly targeted lists. This requires breaking your leads into smaller lists based on criteria such as their industry, needs, actions, and responses. The process is basically two steps: score the leads using metrics important to your company and sort them into segments using a lead scoring tool. 

The segmentation process is a great way to separate the wheat from the chaff. Once sorted, you can then send highly targeted messages to smaller groups of prospects, which can help improve the results of your overall lead generation campaign. 

Tip 4 — Employ high-quality lead magnets

To incentivize prospects to engage with your lead generation campaign, you need to offer them something of value. Typically, lead generation magnets are informational pieces of content marketing, for example, guides, webinars, ebooks, reports, or infographics. 

The content is critical to your success in not only capturing new leads, but also in turning them into customers. In other words, they will form an opinion about your brand based on the quality of your content. So, it needs to be interesting, compelling, and provide valuable insights. 

Tip 5 — Leverage personalization

With so many B2B companies trying to get their prospects’ attention, prospects are typically desensitized to generic, one-size-fits-all marketing messages. But you don’t have to get caught in that marketing trap. Instead, you can personalize your messages using prospects’ own data — often called one-to-one marketing. 

By leveraging data gathered directly from prospects, you can better understand their interests and buyer’s journey — and boost the impact of your lead generation campaign by responding accordingly with the right offers at the right time. 

Tip 6 — Optimize your keywords

Keywords are supportive components of lead generation campaigns — but, to have an impact, they need to be optimized. Starting with keyword and key phrase searches, find the terms your audience is most interested in. Then use the keywords effectively in your content so they help gain traction — but without making Google’s bots think your content is spammy. This requires not overusing them or using them out of context (known as “keyword stuffing”). 

Using keywords the right way will support your lead generation campaign by both helping you rise higher on search engines and get discovered by your targeted prospects

Tip 7 — Optimize your landing page(s)

Achieving this goal requires writing a clear message, ensuring your offer is clear and simple to follow, providing an easy signup form, and following SEO best practices. This will make your landing pages more compelling for prospects and more likely to increase your prospect-to-lead conversion rate. 

One way to ensure your landing page is optimized is to conduct an A/B test or tests of various elements of the page. Tweak every element until you’ve created a fully optimized landing page to support your lead generation campaign.  

Tip 8 — Add a paid promotion service

Paying to promote your message through content syndication on other websites is a proven way to generate quality leads. It’s an ideal for attracting new audiences to your content, in particular, those who may never find you organically. Because content syndication services cater to niche customers, they tend to have higher conversion rates. As a result, adding the power of ViB Syndication to support your lead generation campaign can help make your effort a greater success. 

Not having enough leads to keep your salespeople busy and successful is not a position any marketer wants to be in. When launching your next B2B lead generation campaign, consider incorporating some of these best practices to support your results — generating a full funnel of high-quality leads.

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