Sample Market Research Report and Bonus Whitepaper

Get an exclusive look and feel of a state of industry report delivered with ViB Research — an affordable, end-to-end B2B market research solution that enables you to co-design expert surveys, gain insights from targeted respondents in high-tech, and produce analytical, vendor-neutral reports under your brand. 

In this example, our client Illumio unpacks The State of Security Segmentation, by surveying 300+ IT professionals in their specialized cybersecurity industry. The report uses original data to highlight the critical role of segmentation in enhancing network security, and the shift away from traditional firewalls in favor of more agile and cost-effective solutions. 

Additionally, get a copy of Illumio’s topical whitepaper, Decoupling Security from the Network: The Evolution of Segmentation, which builds on their market research report.

Download Illumio’s market research report example today to better understand how you can:

  • Produce evidence-based observations with a vendor-neutral perspective
  • Collect in-depth data from over hundreds of targeted respondents
  • Tailor insights and analysis to address your industry niche
  • Flexibly position your brand and introduce effective calls-to-action by having full ownership of the data produced
  • Explore how you can syndicate data as additional assets such as a topical whitepaper