How to Conduct Market Research
in 4 Steps Without Breaking The Bank

Producing B2B market research not only brands you as a thought leader and guides your product strategy; a single report can also be repurposed into an endless range of differentiated content — that all lead up to sales, especially in today’s AI era. 

Yet, traditional market research providers come with 6-digit price tags, and limitations in scoping, recruiting, branding and repurposing. Is there a more structured way to do research in-house instead?

As a content or product marketer, download this guide to discover:

  • Why B2B market research will help you generate revenue 
  • 4 approachable steps to conduct market research in-house
  • Lots of checklists, templates and samples to guide your process
  • An overview of the third-party B2B market research services provider vendor landscape, with pricing
  • How to outsource market research affordably, and reuse the content anywhere

Conducting market research doesn’t have to be an inaccessible or expensive strategy any longer. Download your copy to get started with research, without breaking the bank.

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