The B2B Marketer's Forecast for AI, Budgeting, and Lead Generation

With macroeconomic shifts in tech, the rise of AI and ever-changing marketing dynamics, marketers are asking the question: how is our B2B marketing landscape evolving this year? What are the latest trends and technologies that can give us the competitive edge we need to stay ahead of the game?

Using insights from over 300+ B2B marketing professionals in tech, we uncovered:

  1. B2B marketing budgets: Where are people allocating the most resources and why?
  2. Emerging trends and AI: How are marketers currently using AI and where do they see the most potential in the future?
  3. The impact on lead generation: How are budget and AI changes affecting lead quality and our ability to generate revenue?
Download your State of Marketing Report: The B2B Marketer’s Forecast for AI, Budgeting and Lead Generation, to discover the latest trends and statistics — and the key actions B2B marketers and leaders need to take today.