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June 18, 2024

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Are you looking for a way to get valuable and accurate customer insights quickly?

B2B survey research can be a great way to do that

B2B survey research is vital for marketers who want to better understand their target market, customers, and competitors. By using B2B research surveys, businesses can:

  • Gain deeper customer insights
  • Make smarter business decisions based on real data
  • Fine-tune marketing strategies
  • Stay ahead of the competition


Here, we’ll discuss the importance of B2B survey research, how to create effective surveys, and examples of market research strategies.

Importance of B2B survey research for tech marketers

Imagine knowing exactly what your B2B customers need and want. B2B research for tech marketers can help you access this valuable knowledge.

This intel empowers you to:

  1. Target customer needs: B2B surveys give insights into what customers like. This allows you to tailor products, services, and marketing for a perfect match. This bridges the gap between what clients expect and your offerings.
  2. Assess & improve offerings: 80% of B2B buyers face purchase difficulties. Client feedback via surveys shows areas for improvement in your products and services, leading to happier customers 😍.
  3. Measure satisfaction: B2B surveys gauge overall and specific customer satisfaction. Tracking trends over time helps businesses pinpoint and address issues proactively.
  4. Stay ahead of the curve: Surveys allow you to track emerging trends. This will enable you to adapt strategies and make the most of new market opportunities. 
  5. Boost marketing effectiveness: Gauging survey responses allows you to refine marketing efforts, assign resources, and get better results.
  6. Build stronger relationships: Surveys show that you value client feedback. This creates a relationship based on trust, which is crucial for B2B customer retention.
  7. Data-driven decisions: Survey insights inform strategic choices regarding product development, marketing, pricing, and more. This data-driven approach leads to better outcomes and improved business performance.
  8. Monitor competitors: Surveys can gather insights into customer perceptions of your rivals’ offerings. This allows you to discover areas to gain an edge.


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How to design effective B2B surveys tailored to your audiences

You can turn your surveys from data-gathering tools to customer intel goldmines — but only if you make them right!

Let me share some tips to create clear and concise survey questions for the participants🔻:

  • Use simple language that avoids jargon or technical terms to ensure clarity and conciseness. 
  • Each question should address a specific topic, steering clear of ambiguity or double-barreled inquiries. 
  • Consider your survey length, aiming for a balance that respects your audience’s time while capturing essential information. 
  • Incorporate open-ended questions alongside multiple-choice or rating scale options to better understand your audience’s perspectives.

Thereupon, following the above tips will help you understand the target audience’s unique interests and experiences of your customers, fostering engagement and trust. This deeper understanding enables you to collect data that directly informs your business strategies and solutions.

Successful B2B Surveys: Addressing Audience Needs and Challenges

Additionally, comprehending the needs and challenges of your B2B audience is crucial for formulating survey questions that are both relevant and impactful.

B2B surveys will help you identify their pain points, goals, and priorities within the industry. This knowledge will empower you to design surveys that resonate with your target audience, fostering a sense of engagement and trust.

When your questions address their pain points directly, you demonstrate a genuine interest in their unique struggles, encouraging them to share candid feedback. 

Similarly, by acknowledging their goals and priorities, you show a commitment to understanding their desired outcomes.

Consequently, this will prompt them to provide insights that can shape your product or service offerings. A deeper understanding enables you to collect data that can directly inform your business strategies and solutions.

Furthermore, B2B surveys that delve into industry-specific challenges can unveil valuable trends and patterns. By identifying common obstacles faced by multiple businesses, you can tailor your solutions to address widespread issues, positioning your company as a thought leader and problem solver.

Guidelines on choosing the right survey format

1. Set your goals

Have a clear idea of what you want your B2B survey research to achieve. Do you want to track satisfaction, find out trends, or get product feedback?

Knowing your goals keeps your survey laser-focused.

2. Match the survey method

Choose a survey method that fits your goals and resources.

For example:  online surveys are one of the best ways since they’re fast and cost-effective. Phone interviews can offer you more depth and can be more engaging. However, they can be more costly and time-consuming.

You can also use focus groups to explore complex ideas. Again, though, they can be hard to recruit and expensive.

3. Craft the questions

Write clear, concise questions that get honest answers. It’s best not to use confusing wording and jargon. Use a mix of question types (open-ended, close-ended, rating, or ranking) to keep things interesting.

You can also choose different formats like single-choice, multiple-choice, checkbox, text box, or sliders to mix things up.

4. Do a test run

Before launching, test your survey with a small group. This ensures your survey works smoothly and your questions are clear.

5. Get responses

Now you need to share your B2B survey with your target audience. To get qualified B2B respondents, it’s a good idea to use multiple channels.

You can send personalized emails to your B2B leads or post engaging social media content with a visible CTA. You can also use influencers to keep the responses flowing and offer mutual benefits to your prospects.

6. Insights and action

Analyzing B2B survey data helps you find trends and valuable insights. These findings can refine your marketing strategies and better serve your customers.

Top survey software in B2B market research and their features

B2B surveys are our favorite way to get customer insights. This is why we use the top survey software to streamline the entire process, from crafting surveys to making sense of the answers.

Popular survey software for B2B comes with many features that can help you:



Survey Monkey


Google Forms

Ease of Use

Very Easy




Survey Design

Modern, conversational

Professional, customizable

Advanced, powerful

Basic, functional

Question Types

Multiple choice, open-ended, Likert scale, logic branching

Multiple choice, open-ended, matrix, branching logic

All question types, extensive piping & logic

Multiple choice, open-ended, Likert scale

Data Analysis

Basic reporting, data exports

Advanced reporting, data visualization, dashboards

Most comprehensive reporting & analytics, custom dashboards

Basic reporting, limited data visualization


Real-time collaboration, team features

Team features, assignable tasks

Extensive team collaboration tools, user permissions

Limited collaboration


Popular CRM, marketing & analytics tools

Wide range of integrations

Extensive integrations, custom API access

Limited integrations with Google products


100% optimized

Fully optimized




Paid plans based on users & features

Paid plans based on features & volume

Enterprise-level pricing

Free, paid plans for advanced features

Best For

Engaging & visually appealing surveys

User-friendly, general B2B surveys

Complex research, in-depth data analysis

Simple B2B surveys, quick feedback

How automation and AI can enhance survey accuracy and efficiency

Automation and AI are transforming the landscape of surveys. Using these tools can enhance both the accuracy and efficiency of market research surveys.

Here’s how:

  • Deeper insights: AI analyzes vast amounts of data, uncovering patterns and trends humans might miss. Examples of AI-powered survey tools are Qualtrics and SurveyMonkey Genius.
  • Reduced bias and errors: AI minimizes human bias and errors in data analysis.
  • Increased efficiency: AI automates repetitive tasks like data cleaning, categorization, and even generating initial reports. A great example of an AI-enabled tool that can do that is Zonka Feedback.
  • Faster results: AI processes raw data quickly, freeing your team for interpretation and recommendations.
  • Improved response quality: AI-powered chatbots offer instant support and clarification to respondents.
  • Personalized surveys: AI tailors questions based on individual responses, gathering the most relevant data. A great example of such a survey tool is Typeform.

Real-world examples of successful ViB B2B survey research strategies

As a leading demand-generation company in the tech space, ViB has helped a ton of B2B marketers create survey research that gets results 💰! 

Let’s look at a successful market research example we can learn a thing or two from:

Startup uses ViB Research to generate $2 million in revenue

A startup’s marketing leader needed fast, affordable content to establish brand awareness. ViB Research provided a targeted survey to capture market insights and generate a thought leadership report, which the client uses in various marketing initiatives, including C-level events.

An extra perk was that in addition, they also built 10 content assets and secured multiple media interviews based on the research. 

This report fueled content creation and led to a major increase in pipeline and revenue:

  • $3M in pipeline
  • $2M in closed/won revenue


The client now uses ViB to produce annual reports and recommends the program for its effectiveness.

Screenshot 2024-06-14 173018

B2B organizations must have a solid awareness of their industry space and the current market trends to stay relevant in an ever-competitive digital landscape.

Emerging B2B survey trends in tech

A growing need for client insights and technological advancements means B2B survey research is always evolving.

Let’s explore some exciting trends shaping the future of B2B surveys:

  • Experience sampling (XM): Experience sampling captures customer thoughts and emotions at the moment (text, mobile apps) for a deeper understanding of their experiences.
  • AI-Powered insights: Artificial intelligence (AI) analyzes vast amounts of survey data to identify hidden patterns and uncover the “why” behind customer behavior.
  • Predictive analytics: AI can predict customer behavior and trends by analyzing historical B2B survey data and external factors. This allows businesses to be proactive and tailor strategies for the most impact.
  • Omnichannel surveys:  Omnichannel surveys adapt to the respondent’s preferred device (voice, chatbots, in-app) for a more convenient experience.
  • Privacy first:  With evolving data privacy regulations, secure data collection and ethical use of information will be vital. This means B2B survey software will need robust security features and transparent data practices.

Bottom line

If you haven’t added B2B survey research as part of your marketing research strategy, you should do so now.

ViB Research offers access to high-quality B2B research at a fraction of the cost of traditional market research firms. 🙌

Our unique approach uses a targeted tech professional community to conduct surveys. This means fast, actionable insights you can trust. 

Ready to craft surveys that get results? 

Chat with our team members today, view our case studies, and download our ViB Research datasheet!

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