Cybersecurity company boosts market leadership with ViB Research

Increased awareness & demand for company product

Positioned company as a marketing leader

Built an integrated campaign and content library


Mandy Skroupa has been in cybersecurity for her entire career. She joined cloud security company Illumio, Inc. in 2019 as Chief of Staff to the CMO. Now serving as their Marketing Programs Manager, Mandy oversees go-to-market motions such as webinars, content, and email marketing.

Her goals were to drive inquiries and Marketing Qualified Leads, or MQLs, for the marketing team. 

To do that, Mandy sought ways to position Illumio as a market leader, grow awareness for the company’s Illumio Core® and Illumio Edge® products, and attract new audiences to partner with on their journey to better security.

One valuable marketing tactic was to launch indepent and original research

Mandy Skroupa

Marketing Programs Manager, Illumio

“We were able to take ViB’s survey results and create a great report. That report has so much life to it — creating blogs, doing a webinar, getting other outlets to pick it up, putting it into social channels and into content syndication, and getting those survey results into the market in digestible ways — and delivered great benefits to us.”

People always want to know what other people are thinking. Anytime you can loop in high-quality independent survey results, the material you create will carry more weight.
Mandy Skroupa
Marketing Programs Manager, Illumio​

However, it was important that the research results could directly address Illumio’s agenda, and subsequently generate conversions.

When you commission a survey, “you don’t know what the results are going to be,” says Mandy, which can make it difficult to plan activities around survey results in advance. Typically “there is a lot of digesting that does need to happen once the results come in.”

ViB Solution

Mandy’s predecessor at Illumio had already leveraged ViB Research to conduct several surveys that Illumio used to build demand-generating, industry leading market reports.

The ViB team had worked closely with Illumio to fine-tune the survey questions, and reach out to IT Security professions, to ensure Illumio received targeted insights.

Those results were used to create Illumio’s first State of the Security Segmentation report and other content to use in content syndication and repurpose across demand generation channels.

Explore how Illumio unpacks The State of Security Segmentation, by surveying 300+ IT professionals, and further repurposes their findings into a whitepaper (bonus!), on Decoupling Security from the Network: The Evolution of Segmentation.
Once the survey was launched it took about 4-6 weeks when we had the results in our hands, where we were able to just run with it and build Illumio's first State of Security Segmentation report, and enough snackable content to repurpose in social, email, content syndication, and other demand generation channels. I definitely high recommend this service.
Jaye Liang
Senior Marketing Manager, Illumio

Mandy found the prior ViB survey methodology and results to be credible “not just within the marketing world but to external publishers as well.” 

Because the survey data and the resulting assets were so valuable, the successful relationship with ViB was one that Mandy wanted to continue.

From a cost standpoint, Mandy found ViB to be very competitive. In addition to being affordable, the fact that ViB “had already delivered positive results for us” was a key deciding factor in her choice to renew the ViB Research program.

Dramatic Results

Unlike comissioning a survey, it was easy to “craft a really good story based on the results we received” with VIB

Illumio’s product marketing team was able to build a new report from the ViB survey results, Security Risks 2021: Ransomware and the Return to the Office. It ended up being a great report that was not only repeatedly picked up, but also helped to open up more repurposing opportunities that Illumio’s communications and product marketing team worked together on.

One good indicator is that our PR agency considered [the report] newsworthy. They won’t pick up everything so having a press release for the report was a pretty good start

We saw an uptick of 6 or 7 different publications that also were citing our report in their articles. [We could then] create about 8 different blog posts that were different variations [on the report].
Mandy Skroupa
Marketing Programs Manager, Illumio​

Because conversions are “number one” when it comes to marketing metrics, the high number of “people downloading the asset” was really important. Moreover, her team was able to use the report as their main content pillar and build different activities around it to increase awareness and drive demand. 

For Mandy, “this particular asset is a good example of the starting point for an integrated campaign.” She could effectively expand a single report into press releases, blogs, and webinars.

You don’t just put one asset out there and say, now we’re done. Instead, we looked at this report as a key part of an integrated campaign.

[Without VIB] the simple answer is that we wouldn’t have had any of the coverage in business publications, our blogs, paid social promotions, and content syndication material [to build a campaign around]. It would have been a huge miss.
Mandy Skroupa
Marketing Programs Manager, Illumio​

ViB’s Research also solution helped Mandy and her team take thought leadership into their own hands, and position Illumio as a market leader in security. It also helped grow awareness for products beyond their core offering. “Having content that links to a wider range of Illumio® products is really important as we find the right angles to attract new audiences.”

ViB is “very wonderful to work with,” according to Mandy, including the fact that ViB stayed on the promised schedule. “We had to pick a report deliverability date to give to the PR team — and we had to deliver.” ViB made it happen.

The level of collaboration Mandy received from ViB to “make sure we put out the right questions” was also beneficial and delivered strong results.

Benefits of ViB Research:

  • Collaborative scoping approach to ensure each project aligns with the client’s agenda and timeline
  • Done-for-you survey promotion to targeted respondents via ViB’s tech-based community
  • Vendor-neutral results and analysis with PR value
  • Integrated repurposing opportunities
  • White-glove customer suppport 
Being a smaller company, a great partnership with a vendor like ViB is very positive and something we appreciate. We can count on them to help us move our business forward. [Not only is the survey data] just invaluable — but the way ViB handles all the logistics of collecting that information is a huge help for us.
Mandy Skroupa
Marketing Programs Manager, Illumio​

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