ViB Research Generates $5M in Pipeline

Generated $5 million in pipeline

$2M in content attributed revenue

Built an entire content library

Customer Challenge

Our customer is a corporate marketing leader and startup veteran with over twenty years of experience driving demand generation and sales enablement for software companies. In 2016, she joined a new startup as their first marketing hire. That company went on to be successfully acquired by a major technology entity in 2019, where our customer is now Director of Global Events.

Tasked with increasing awareness for the startup and their emerging solution category, our customer turned to content creation. “For quality marketing, you have to have quality content,” she says. But at that early stage, “we didn’t have enough people on staff to write the material we needed.”

“We were also very budget conscious,” she says. As a startup that was also establishing a new market category, the company needed results quickly and affordably.

She sought a new way to create the type of content that would drive a multi-channel digital campaign and accelerate the perception of her company as a thought leader. She needed a content pillar.

Director of Global Events at Major Tech Company

“The quality of ViB’s work and their prowess in the industry is second to none. ViB Research is a must-have in your marketing collateral arsenal.”

ViB Solution

Our customer trusted ViB Research to conduct high-quality, unbiased, third-party research that would provide the unique market stats she needed to generate the unique perspective and proprietary thought-leadership content she was looking for.

To capture market opportunity, there was no time to waste on a long, drawn-out process nor the budget to spend that is typical with large analyst firms for a report that is “already obsolete by the time you get it out the door; if they even let you publish it externally.” Instead, she wanted something different.

ViB Research is a unique offering that delivers precisely targeted, third-party research purpose-built for each customer’s needs.

She partnered with Tom Riddle, Director of Research at VIB, to set up the survey questions. “Tom’s expertise, and working together with him to develop the shape of the survey, gave me confidence that he shared our sense of urgency and would deliver a quality result.”

Right from the start, “I just immediately felt ViB had our best interests at heart, and that they knew what they were doing.”

Dramatic Results

ViB conducted a targeted survey to dig deeper into the market problems that the company’s technology platform solves. “The ViB research deliverables — the customer-branded charts and graphs, and the executive summary — were what we needed to publish a high-quality report and infographic.”

The report was “an important step in establishing credibility in the market.” Our customer then leveraged the report content in demand generation initiatives and in presentations at industry events.

Content campaigns built on the ViB research and the resulting materials generated a whopping $3M in pipeline and led to $2M closed/won revenue for the company — all attributed to this report and the corresponding assets created.

Instead of embarking on a slow-moving and expensive project like analyst market research reports, or relying solely on more commonplace efforts like a webinar, “ViB Research allowed us to create something different.” This high-quality independent research “had a major impact on how people thought of the company.”

“We had this really great top-of-the-funnel report that served as a content pillar for the full year,” she says, driving both awareness and demand. In addition to increasing leads, opportunities, and pipeline, the compelling thought leadership content generated great press in industry publications and helped the company create a new market category.

Post-acquisition, the company now relies on the ViB program to generate annual thought leadership reports, updating the questions each year to reveal new trends and insights.

Our customer enthusiastically recommends ViB to colleagues. “ViB was a pleasure to work with,” she says. “They went out of their way to make sure we were successful.” ViB Research is one of the ”best lead generation programs” that she’s seen in her career. “It’s reasonably priced, it’s really great data, and it’s a fast turn-around.”

ViB makes it easy to create the most trusted forms of content in a company’s own brand. “This program works for startups but would work just as well for bigger companies who want to publish high-quality research that offers them a unique perspective in the market report.”

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Leader in automation converts 50% of leads into sales opportunities with ViB Appointments

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More Customer Stories

Leader in automation converts 50% of leads into sales opportunities with ViB Appointments

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