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OpenText Launches Three ViB Services and Gains Stellar Results

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OpenText is Canada’s fourth largest software company, offering organizations a wide range of information management solutions and services, including cloud, data, artificial intelligence (AI), and cybersecurity.

Its approach to marketing is just as varied as its solution and service range, to achieve their goal of driving quality, marketing sourced pipeline. OpenText’s key metrics are two-fold: generate more marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and more sales qualified leads (SQLs). 

According to Vania Pinho, Global Campaigns Lead, “We run a wide range of marketing activities for each division that cover every stage of the marketing funnel, from generating leads at the top to nurturing prospects in the middle to closing deals with customers at the bottom.” 

However, with such a broad set of KPIs, multiple ongoing marketing campaigns across their product lines, and limited hands on deck, Vania was eager for a more effective way to see consistent results.

Vania Pinho

Global Campaigns Lead, OpenText

“We’ve had very, very positive experiences with ViB services — from emails to webinars to appointment setting. We’re continuing to launch campaigns with ViB services, and we will see how far we can go towards impacting our marketing sourced pipeline.”

Challenges and goals:

  • Need for a well-balanced vendor network to support campaigns across the funnel
  • Scarce internal resources to execute a high volume of marketing initiatives
  • Lukewarm results for internally hosted webinars

To augment their results, OpenText has launched several marketing initiatives for its legacy cybersecurity division (a spinoff of its acquisition of Micro Focus) using ViB demand generation solutions, including:

Easily generating more leads with ViB Emails

Vania had been involved in helping support OpenText’s field marketing team in the U.S. when the company launched its first ViB Emails campaign. But when the global campaigns manager left the organization, she stepped in. 

She continued conducting email blasts through ViB Emails, because “I saw that they were delivering great results, particularly for promoting our global webinars. 

“When we promote our global webinars internally, it’s always a very close call for attracting enough registrants and attendees. ViB Emails always got us over the top. In fact, it contributed 25% of our results.”
Vania Pinho
Global Campaigns Lead, OpenText

Achieving an all-time high of 327 registrations with ViB Webinars

When she took over the legacy cybersecurity division, Vania knew about ViB Emails, but not about ViB’s other marketing services. During a discovery meeting with the ViB team she learned about the other lead generation services, including ViB Webinars and ViB Appointments. 

“After deploying ViB Emails, we learned about ViB’s range of marketing services in a discovery call and realized we wanted to try more of them. I’m glad we did because we are getting excellent results.”Because the organization hosts so many webinars and because they had lost one marketing lead, Vania decided to test the ViB Webinars service on her division’s next webinar. One of the leading appeals was “the number of guaranteed attendees,” she said.

“We’re always struggling to generate enough webinar registrations and attendees. Our average rate is 20 to 30%. The highest attendee rate we've ever achieved internally was 35%. With ViB Webinars, we achieved a 54% attendee rate. It was just amazing.”
Vania Pinho
Global Campaigns Lead, OpenText

ViB Webinars guaranteed OpenText 100 attendees for its “Secure Development in the Cloud” webinar. It “overachieved,” stated Pinho, and helped generate an all-time high of 327 registrations — many more than we had ever generated before. Of that number, 177 attended the event. 

Another aspect of ViB Webinars that Vania loved was the fact that the ViB team did “all the heavy lifting,” she said. “There are so many moving parts to a webinar, and we’d just lost a campaign manager. It was awesome to have an experienced external team pick up all the pieces for us.

“Also, we only have one operations person supporting webinar setup. With ViB, we didn’t have to rely on her alone to juggle our event and launch this webinar. ViB removed the internal burden and helped us meet our timeline.”
Vania Pinho
Global Campaigns Lead, OpenText

Key benefits of ViB Webinars’ done-for-you approach:

“ViB Webinars has been a great help for us,” according to Vania. “In fact, the results have overachieved on what we expected, giving us a 54% attendee rate.”

Creating new opportunities with ViB Appointments

Another solution that Vania learned about in her discovery meeting with the ViB team was ViB Appointments. She decided to give it a test run. After launching her first campaign, she deemed the service “very successful.” 

“Out of the gate, we contracted with ViB to generate 10 leads for us. But we met that target very quickly, so we increased the number to 35 leads,” said Pinho. “Currently we have 24 opportunities in the pipeline, so I would call that a great success.” 

Owing to the success of its initial ViB Appointments campaign, Pinho is making plans to continue using the service in 2024. “Our intention is to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t — and ViB Appointments really worked for us.”

“ViB Appointments impacted our sales pipeline immediately — adding 24 opportunities.”
Vania Pinho
Global Campaigns Lead, OpenText

OpenText ranks ViB highly among a variety of marketing vendors

As a large organization with a diverse solution and service offering, OpenText has a vast marketing organization. Along with its internal team, it works with many marketing vendors to support its programs and objectives. 

“To meet all of our marketing objectives across our vast range of solutions and services, we work with many marketing vendors, and ViB has been an exceptional marketing service provider,” said Vania. “We’ve had very positive outcomes, and I’m looking forward to more in the New Year.”

“Working with ViB has been such a positive experience. The ViB team is very easy to work with, responsive and incredibly helpful.
Vania Pinho
Global Campaigns Lead, OpenText

In terms of future plans, OpenText already has a second webinar in motion using ViB Webinars. 

Finally, Vania also commends ViB’s customer service and success.

“I particularly like how the team is always ready to accommodate our needs,” she added. “For example, during our first webinar managed by outside of our company, I had a special request for a ViB-generated webinar attendee list to compare to our own list. They immediately accommodated my request. I appreciate that they are always available and willing to help us support our goals.”

“With our recent successful test runs of ViB services, the company has been elevated to a leading position among our many marketing services vendors.”
Vania Pinho
Global Campaigns Lead, OpenText

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