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Increased engagement

Delivered 30% more registrants

Extended audience reach


Lingtong Li has spent most of her marketing career specializing in paid media and demand generation. Her expertise is driving growth, generating leads, finding new users, and reaching new audiences. For the last several years she has put her experience to work for Cloudera where she is now Senior Marketing Manager.

At Cloudera, Lingtong oversees paid media, including account intent-based paid media, content syndication, and search engine marketing (SEM), along with email programs. In addition to the paid media program, she also stepped into campaign management. “The background of paid media gives me a deeper view of how promotion works and a chance to really think about the experience that I can bring to our target audiences.”

One of Lingtong’s key responsibilities is driving registrants to webinars and virtual events at Cloudera. But in 2020, because of the pandemic, “last year was the most difficult time for live events online,” Lingtong notes, with many prospects experiencing “webinar fatigue.”

“I was struggling to drive quality registrants with just paid media,” she says. Lingtong sought a vendor to help boost registrations and attendance at this critical time.

Lingtong Li

Senior Marketing Manager, Cloudera

“The other vendors I have worked with have failed. They either don’t provide legitimate leads, or they harass our audiences, or they don’t perform. For these three reasons, ViB is the only vendor that I keep in my toolbox. After trying 10 vendors, ViB is the only one I found success with. They’re fast, they’re strategic, and they’re just good to work with.”

ViB Solution

For an event as important as Cloudera Now, “I will go through every possible tool in my toolbox to find out if a vendor’s program is suitable to drive registrants,” Lingtong says.

However, she was discouraged by how many vendors delivered poor quality leads, delivered registrations but not actual attendees, or were outright frauds. She even received complaints from prospects who were being harassed by vendors.

Challenges faced in driving event attendance

  • Most audiences were facing webinar fatigue
  • Paid ads were limited in delivering quality leads
  • Registrants delivered by vendors had no guaranteed attendance
  • Certain vendors used dishonest methods to source leads 


Then a colleague forwarded Lingtong an email from ViB that detailed the ViB’s community-based email marketing program. After exploring the offering, “we decided to start a pilot program.”

ViB was able to launch the program quickly at a very affordable price point

The cost was minimal compared to our overall investments. That gave me the ability to start small and the confidence to give SmartSend a try.
Lingtong Li

Dramatic Results

ViB Emails put relevant data, precision targeting, and email delivery expertise to work for Lingtong. 

The result was beyond my expectation. Not only did we receive 30 percent more registrants than anticipated — the leads were legitimate.
Lingtong Li

Part of what makes ViB Emails effective is the power of ViB’s active and engaged community of over millions of professionals and decision makers who represent our customers’ buyers and end-users.

Benefits of ViB Emails for event marketing

  • Community-based lead generation approach guarantees legitimate attendees
  •  Access to targeted recipients that fit Cloudera’s ideal customer profile
  • Affordable and flexible pricing
  • World-class customer support
I’ve attended one of the Success Series marketing webinars that ViB hosts. It was very good — my favorite webinar of the year. Engaging, authentic, just good. If this is the quality of marketing webinar they can provide, then it’s likely that the quality of the audiences that they attract will also be very high.
Lingtong Li

Since first launching the email marketing program, registration numbers continue to increase. But great results are only one piece of the puzzle. 

When it comes to vendors, “what’s most important is integrity,” Lingtong says. 

To have a program that is trustworthy. ViB not only delivers legitimate leads, you can also trust them. And I am very happy about that.
Lingtong Li

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Leader in automation converts 50% of leads into sales opportunities with ViB Appointments

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More Customer Stories

Leader in automation converts 50% of leads into sales opportunities with ViB Appointments

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