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CIO Cuts Research Time for New Vendors in Half with ViB Community


Time savings on new vendor research

1 in 8

Meetings result in a solution purchase


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Bourdon is an innovative senior executive with dual roles as CIO and CISO at Mastech Digital, and an extensive background in information technology. 

Along with leading technology teams and managing business strategy, he’s also responsible for purchasing new products and services, and managing vendors of software and hardware applications and services. 

His company, Mastech Digital, is a leading provider of digital transformation IT services for data management, data engineering, data science, and IT staffing. 

The company is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, and has offices across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and India.

Philippe Bourdon

Active ViB Community member since 2021
CIO and CISO, Mastech Digital

“The biggest benefit I gain from being a ViB Community member is time savings. With two technology roles in the company, I’m very busy every day. I don’t always have time to conduct extensive research to find the services and products I need. 

The ViB Community cuts my research time in half. For example, if I need a way to backup my Microsoft 365 tenant, within 30 minutes I can find vendors to consider on the ViB Community dashboard. Plus, I can trust the quality of the vendors I find on ViB.”

Challenges faced

Like many business leaders today, Bourdon receives over 100 unsolicited sales emails a day — all of which he sends directly to the trash folder.

With two leadership roles at Mastech, Bourdon says that he does not have time to spend reading cold emails, doing online searches, or talking to unknown vendors.

"Even when I find a possible solution on my own, there’s no way for me to know if it’s a good fit or not until I go through the traditional long, drawn-out sales process, which typically ends in a huge waste of my time."
Philippe Bourdon

How the ViB Community helped

Originally, Bourdon found the ViB Community through a webinar during his previous position at another company. “The webinar was valuable, and I signed up to receive emails about more technology-related webinars.” 

When Bourdon started his new dual leadership role at Mastech Digital in early 2023, one of the first things he did was re-join the ViB Community. He wanted to purchase new products and services to meet his strategic business goals, and he trusted the process. 

"I needed new technologies and knew that the ViB Community is a great resource for exploring what’s available in the marketplace."
Philippe Bourdon

Unlike the cold emails he receives from unknown senders, Bourdon routes all emails from ViB to a separate folder, which he reads daily. 

Not only does this save hours in his day by sourcing vendors in the ViB Community, but the appointments with vendors are also efficient and productive. 

"When I find a product or service that interests me, I schedule a one-on-one meeting. The vendor and I both go into the meeting knowing it’s an introductory call, not a traditional sales call. We both know we are there to answer one question: is the solution a good fit for me and my company? We know that the call may or may not lead to a sale. If that call goes well, a proof of value is usually the next step and that can lead to a purchase."
Philippe Bourdon

Solutions discovered through the ViB Community

One of Bourdon’s topmost goals at Mashtech has been to strengthen its security against today’s ever-expanding number of increasingly destructive cyberattacks. So far, he has purchased new products from ViB Community vendors four times — primarily in the security space.

Bourdon’s purchases through the ViB Community to date include:

  • An IT asset intelligence-security program 

  • Data security software

  • Identity security software

  • A robotic process automation program 

"On average, I make one purchase every eight to 10 meetings. However, I feel that I gain value from every meeting because it helps me better understand the technology landscape, especially knowing who the up-and-coming new vendors are. Also, I gain better insight into where the technology marketplace is headed. It’s great to have access to new vendors to consider. I find that many of the newer companies are at the top of their game."
Philippe Bourdon

Benefits of joining the ViB Community

Along with the significant time savings, Bourdon says that he has gained several additional benefits from working with the ViB Community, including: 

  • Learns about an extensive range of technology-related, high-quality vendors 

  • Receives opportunities that reflect his preferences and needs 

  • Works within a streamlined process that saves valuable time 

  • Schedules short, efficient calls with vendors he’s considering 

  • Receives fast responses from the ViB team 

About the ViB Community

The ViB community is an active network made up of millions of technology decision-makers and influencers from a wide range of industries, including software, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and more. ViB curates programs based on community member preferences and each member is matched with solution providers that fit their interests and needs. If you play a role in evaluating technology and services for your organization and find it tough to stay up to date with emerging technologies, join the ViB community here: 

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