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IT Leader Cuts Procurement Costs with the Perfect VoIP System

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Gained advanced features and better customer service


Berger has an extensive history meeting the technology needs of several companies.

For five years, he has worked at Fiduciary Outsourcing, including three years as the benefits management company’s VP of Information Technology. Berger’s areas of responsibility is to manage the entire IT system, including the cloud, network, and infrastructure.

Fiduciary Outsourcing is a 3(16) retirement plan fiduciary. Its goal is to ensure timely and compliant administration services for companies’ retirement plans in ways that save time and reduce fiduciary risk.

Anthony Berger

ViB Community member since 2023
VP Information Technology, Fiduciary Outsourcing

“After requesting to receive contacts in the unified communications as a service category from the ViB Community, I received an email about GoTo. The company’s GoTo Connect VoIP product was the perfect solution for us. We not only lowered our annual phone bill, but also gained many new communication features and much better customer service than from our former provider.”

Challenges faced

Berger faced the critical task of modernizing his company’s IT systems to enhance remote work effectiveness. Among the key areas requiring an upgrade were its outdated phone system.

The pandemic and subsequent shutdown had exacerbated phone call issues, with employees using personal phones for business calls, leading to complications in both personal and work lives.

He needed a solution quickly, but faced various challenges when he attempted to find the right solution vendor on his own, including:

  • Lengthy and unsystematic online research process and among peers
  • Unsatisfactory solutions that fell short his requirements
  • Expensive options that exceeded the company’s budget
"We needed a more modern phone system, but researching all of the VoIP vendors was time-consuming.
I searched on the internet and talked to my peers. Some good products came my way, but something was always off, for example, the price was too high or they lacked all the features we needed. I had to explore so many rabbit holes, but they all came up empty."
Anthony Berger
VP of IT, Fiduciary Outsourcing

How the ViB Community helped

In early 2023, Berger attended a ViB-hosted webinar to stay updated on the IT industry. Impressed by the presentation and valuable insights, he joined the ViB Community to further discover potential solutions that could meet his needs.

Upon joining the ViB Community, he opted in to learn about vendors in areas relevant to his interests and the need to upgrade Fiduciary Outsourcing’s IT systems. Specifically, he requested to receive information from unified communications as a service. That’s how he found the right communications software provider, GoTo.

"We’re a small company. So, I don’t have the time or budget to spend days searching for the technology solutions I need. The ViB Community helps me streamline the process by giving me access to a whole new world of vendors. Without ViB, I don’t know when I would have solved our phone system challenge. With such a great result on my first purchase, I will definitely be looking on the ViB Community for solutions to my future technology solution needs."
Anthony Berger
VP of IT, Fiduciary Outsourcing

Solution discovered through the ViB Community

Berger said GoTo Connect has changed the game for Fiduciary Outsourcing’s team, who, since the pandemic, work from home three days a week.

"Since the lockdown, our employees have been getting business calls on their personal mobile phones. It was compromising both their work life and personal life. Now, with GoTo Connect, our team’s phone system is no longer outdated. It’s streamlined and flexible. Everyone is enjoying the wide range of really cool features. Plus, my boss is very impressed with the significant improvement in our communication capabilities and our employees love it."
Anthony Berger
VP of IT, Fiduciary Outsourcing

With the company’s new VoIP solution provider, his team now benefits from several new phone system features including:

  • Access to voicemail transcripts
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Messages forward to email and SMS messaging
  • Soft phone capabilities, which prevent personal number exposure on employees mobile devices

Benefits of joining the ViB Community

Along with finding an ideal mobile phone system for his company, Berger likes the ViB Community for several reasons:

  • Easy to stay connected to an active technology community
  • Able to learn about new technology solution developments
  • Can request information from vendors in relevant service categories 
  • Finds solutions would not have otherwise known about
  • Has access to ViB’s easy-to-use communication portal
"When we needed a more modern phone system, the ViB Community put me in touch with a VoIP vendor that had not been on my radar. I wanted to gain an application that would give us modern mobile phone features, but I didn’t know where to find them. The ViB Community saved me from the time-consuming process. I’m so grateful that I found a great solution with a vendor on ViB."
Anthony Berger
VP of IT, Fiduciary Outsourcing

About the ViB Community

The ViB community is an active network made up of millions of technology decision-makers and influencers from a wide range of industries, including software, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and more. ViB curates programs based on community member preferences and each member is matched with solution providers that fit their interests and needs. If you play a role in evaluating technology and services for your organization and find it tough to stay up to date with emerging technologies, join the ViB community here: 

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