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Jackie Ramos has been with 92NY (The 92nd Street Y, New York) for over 37 years, including as the Director of IT Services and Support since 2018.

In that role, she is responsible for everything technology related — from cell phones to computer rebuilds to networking. 

She also oversees new product and service acquisitions for the organization’s technology. This includes conducting vendor research and bringing her recommendations to the organization’s board of directors.

Jackie Ramos

Active ViB Community member since 2020

Director, IT Services and Support, 92NY

“Having direct access to the ViB Community can save me a lot of time when I need to find new vendors to solve our technology challenges. I can cut a week or more out of the time I spend researching. This is significant because we operate our department with a lean team of four people. And there are many other issues that need my attention every day.” 

Challenges faced

92NY is a world-class cultural and community center where people connect through arts, entertainment, culture, and conversation. For over 150 years, the organization has leveraged ideas and the arts to enlighten, enrich, and change lives and help repair the world. As a proudly Jewish organization, 92NY enthusiastically reaches out to and welcomes people of all races, faiths, ages, and backgrounds — while embracing Jewish values.

However, 92NY has faced its share of attacks. As a result, the CFO, IT VP, and Ramos wanted to strengthen the organization’s cybersecurity posture with strong, up-to-date products. 

The IT department runs on a lean team of four people and with a limited budget. So Ramos has to be smart with her time and resources. This means finding services and products that meet the organization’s needs, but also its budget. 

“As a community organization, we have a tight budget. So while we’re always looking for high-quality vendors, we also have to consider other factors like cost and support. We need to bring at least three vendors who meet these criteria to our CFO for every purchase.”

“We’ve been operating with several outdated security products. After experiencing some recent threats, we decided it was time to update our cybersecurity defenses with more sophisticated security solutions.”
Jackie Ramos
Director of IT Services and Support

How the ViB Community helped

Ramos learned about the ViB Community from an email invitation to attend a technology-focused webinar. Since she likes to stay current on the latest technologies and best practices, she decided to attend. 

Since joining the ViB Community, Ramos has attended an average of two webinars a week to help stay current on the latest technology developments. As a result, she knew the organization had excellent cybersecurity companies as partners in their network.

“The ViB Community made it easy for me to tap into the expertise among its millions of members. While connecting me to a range of high-quality vendors, the community also saved me a considerable amount of valuable time.”
Jackie Ramos
Director of IT Services and Support

Solutions discovered through the ViB Community

When she needed to purchase stronger cybersecurity products, Ramos tapped into her ViB Community membership for vendor options.

Through exclusive email invitations and the ViB Community portal, Ramos found two products that met the organization’s needs — CrowdStrike’s endpoint detection and response solution, and Rubrik’s threat containment solution. 

“We’ve been using CrowdStrike for one year. It’s been an ideal solution that’s greatly enhanced our defenses. We’ve deployed Rubrik in December and are still working it into our system. We expect it to help make our security even stronger, as well.”
Jackie Ramos
Director of IT Services and Support

Benefits gained by joining the ViB Community

“The ViB Community is a great place to learn in high-quality webinars that come straight to my inbox every week. When I’m searching for products, it’s an ideal, easy-to-use resource. I would highly recommend the ViB Community to my peers in the industry.”
Jackie Ramos
Director of IT Services and Support

How the ViB Community works

  1. By partnering closely with thousands of technology companies, the ViB Community creates a range of discovery experiences, including webinars, resources and meetings.

  2. Technology professionals, like Ramos, join the community with a free membership and gain access to the community portal and exclusive email invites.

  3. ViB Community members get notified about new experiences and companies that match their business needs, which helps them reduce research time and stay on top of emerging trends.

About the ViB Community

The ViB community is an active network made up of millions of technology decision-makers and influencers from a wide range of industries, including software, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and more. ViB curates programs based on community member preferences and each member is matched with solution providers that fit their interests and needs. If you play a role in evaluating technology and services for your organization and find it tough to stay up to date with emerging technologies, join the ViB community here: vib.community 

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