Developing a precise, point-in-time understanding of your competition is one of the highest return actions a marketer can take – and easier to do than you might have thought. Bonus: it will make you a hero with the product, strategic, and sales teams in the process.

Competitive Intelligence is one of the quickest paths to increased revenue, profits, and sales productivity – while reducing the number of expensive and lengthy product fixes and enhancements that would be undertaken otherwise.

Done right, Competitive Intelligence will identify competitor weaknesses that are easily exploitable – including those your competitors are not yet aware of. When you identify and calibrate competitor strengths, the knowledge of which allows you to implement proactive sales and marketing tactics to neutralize or reduce the impact of those factors in the sales process.

The result is increased revenue, profitability and sales productivity, and a reduction in product development time, effort, and costs – and hero status for you.

Join us for this short 30-minute webinar where our host will walk through a real-life case study where Competitive Intelligence resulted in a huge strategic impact for the company and catapulted the program lead to hero status.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What is Competitive Intelligence
  • How to quickly and inexpensively attain high-quality, competitive insights
  • A playbook to actioning those insights to accelerate sales, profitability, sales – while reducing the number of costly product development initiatives in the process?

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