Solutions Pricing & Plans

Select from our range of solutions, pay according to your targeting specificity


From $900/meeting
  • Minimum order of 10 meetings
  • Convert 40%+ of your set appointments
  • Receive end-user feedback after each meeting



Get feedback from prospects on your sales people, product, and messaging

50% of original quote

Accept meetings with opted-in prospects slightly outside of your ideal target audience


From $900/meeting
  • Get results on a time-crunch with our 1-day set up
  • Maintain 100% control over your email
  • Expand your database without worrying about list hygiene



Specify a list of accounts to promote your email to

50% of original send cost

Perform a second send of your email to the same audience revising your subject line


From $900/meeting
  • Capture leads with buying intent instead of just traffic
  • Pay only for qualified leads that fit your targeting criteria
  • Launch assets without complex platform onboarding



50% of original quote

Share your content with opted-in prospects slightly outside of your ideal target audience


$15,000 per live webinar​


$17,500 per simu-live webinar​
  • Customize everything with our end-to-end service
  • Get guaranteed, net-new leads with a pay per attendee model
  • Reuse recordings on demand with ViB simulcasting



Deal Discovery

$1,000 per lead​
  • Generate active sales qualified leads
  • Access mid-funnel opportunities
  • Understand buying timelines and gain competitive insights
  • Inform sales and product strategies


$17,500 per survey​
  • Sample a market of B2B tech decision makers
  • Co-design each survey to get the insights you need
  • Own the data we collect to repurpose anywhere