ViB deal Intent

Connect with prospects with explicit purchase intent

ViB Deal Intent delivers you sales-ready leads who are actively considering a solution in your market, including timelines, budget, and decision makers involved – directly from the prospect.

Benefits & Features

Uncover business opportunities you aren't in today

Pinpoint buyers who are active in your intent category

ViB Deal Intent identifies active leads in your intent category, and verifies that they are ready to adopt a solution in your specific tech market within the next 6-12 months.

Know their timelines, current budget, and more

Get the most explicit picture of the prospects’ needs, role in the buying committee, budgets and more, so you can nail the first touchpoint.

Get intent data and consent directly from each lead

ViB Community members freely answer questions about their active projects and provide their consent to be contacted directly by you.

Drive record lead-to-deal conversions

Unlike traditional third-party intent signal, get the fastest time to value for leads by eliminating the effort and guesswork to nurture a lead to become sales-ready.


Get pre-qualified leads with outstanding results

Security & Recovery Solutions Company

20 opportunities generated with ViB Deal Intent

65% opportunities generated with net-new accounts

3 weeks time to delivery of leads

How It Works

Jump right into mid-funnel conversations

Graph of ViB Deal Intent - step 1 - B2B intent data solution

STEP 1 We create a target profile

We host a kick-off to understand your intent category, common buying titles, and competitors. Leveraging this profile, we invite prospects in the ViB Community to share their buying priorities with us.

Graph of ViB Deal Intent - step 2 - B2B intent data solution.png

STEP 2 We identify contacts with confirmed projects

Matched members who are identified as having an active project in the next 6-12 months freely answer additional questions about their timeline, goals, budget, and more, including their consent to be contacted directly by you.

Graph of ViB Deal Intent - step 3 - B2B intent data solution.png

STEP 3 You receive leads and all their deal intent

You receive the full contact details and explicit intent collected directly from each prospect who answered. Get everything within 3-6 weeks from your initial kickoff, and started reaching out to them warm.

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Think it through with our one-page datasheet

screen shot of ViB Deal Intent datasheet - b2b intent data solution

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Access expert support and resources

Need More Leads? 8 Tips for Successful B2B Lead Generation Campaigns

Seeing B2B Marketing Budget Cuts? 3 Experts Share Their Hacks


Access expert support and resources

Need More Leads? 8 Tips for Successful B2B Lead Generation Campaigns


Learn more about B2B lead generation

Our process of generating pre-qualified business opportunity leads, and the results you get, differentiates us from other B2B sales leads generation companies. Here’s how we’d sum it up:

  1. Leads are self-verified to be in a confirmed project in your intent category, and in the next 6-12 months. In other words, they have told us that they are actively seeking solutions like yours.
  2. There’s full consent. Every prospect delivered will have agreed to be contacted by solution providers like you! This means they’re more likely to be genuinely interested, and likely to convert into opportunities.

Check out the ViB Deal Intent solution walkthrough for the full scoop.

Here, deal intent refers to the valuable details that sales reps and leaders will need to close the deal. This includes details like:

  • Timing: Where the lead is in the decision-making stage
  • Personas: Their role and other stakeholders involved in decision process
  • Goals: Why they are investigating the solution
  • Budget: How much they are willing to pay for a solution


All these details ensure that we deliver only pre qualified business opportunity leads, to help you enter a mid-funnel conversation from the get-go.

Conventional B2B intent data providers gather their data by closely observing online user behavior and analyzing patterns. For instance, if a user searches for “best antivirus software for small businesses”, this web activity indicates an intent to purchase cybersecurity solutions for their small business.

Buyer intent signals are more of an educated guess, often leading to reps reaching out to unqualified leads and needing to invest additional time in nurturing them.

With ViB, all information is from the source (it’s called zero-party data). We do this with a purpose-built survey to collect deal intent directly from each prospect. They voluntarily provide their information to us as a trusted partner, so that we can connect them with solution providers that match their needs.

We also retrieve all the required information from each prospect only at the time of program delivery, to make sure that our deal intent is accurate, timely, and comprehensive, instead of simply tapping into a B2B sales leads database that could suffer from data decay.

We’re glad you asked! Both of these solutions generate qualified sales leads and appointments, and tap into the same ViB Community.

However, unlike ViB Appointments, ViB Deal Intent is a more mid to bottom-of-funnel sales lead generation service, as there are additional steps to confirm that the lead is in an active project, and to derive comprehensive deal intent. This enables a deeper level of personalization and produces valuable origninal data.

ViB Deal Intent does the qualification all for you — helping you skip the lengthy nurturing process. And with comprehensive deal intent at your fingertips, you can personalize your approach and enter conversations fully informed, increasing your chances of closing deals faster.

In particular, if you’re a startup or have a smaller market presence, ViB Deal intent can help to uncover net new accounts and projects that you might not have been organically invited to, ultimately accelerating your prospecting efforts.