clean water pledge

Thanks to you we donated $250,000 to provide access to safe drinking water

We partnered with The Bucket Ministry to donate 1.5% of all sales to aid in the water crisis during national water quality month. With our customers help, we provided 30,000 individuals with life-changing water filters.

our pledge during national water quality month

ViB is donating 1.5% of all sales towards these items

Water Filters that last 20+ years and produce at least 1 million gallons of clean, safe water per filter

Anti-parasitic medicine to reduce symptoms and treat existing waterborne disease

3 return visits to check in on the health of the recipient families and offer follow up care if needed

How to Help

Join us and help provide access to clean and safe drinking water

Together we provided clean drinking water to


Simply through their partnership, our customers helped change everything for one person or family.

They provided:

  • 7 people clean water with every Emails order
  • 21 people clean water with every Syndication order
  • 27 people clean water with every Appointments order
  • 30 people clean water with every Deal Discovery order
  • 45 people clean water with every Webinars order
  • 53 people clean water with every Research order
The water crisis

Most of us take clean water for granted

We drive to the supermarket for a case of clean water, or walk five steps to our fridge for a limitless supply. Meanwhile, millions of people are required to make a several mile journey to get water that is unsafe to drink. Here are some of the surprising facts from the World Heather Organization (WHO) regarding the water crisis:

2 billion

people lack access to safely managed drinking water at home


deaths in 2016 alone from unsafe drinking water and inadequate sanitation


reduction in the global disease burden is possible with access to safe water

2022 Results

See the impact you made on our last filter distribution tour

Thanks to your business, last year we took trips to Kenya and the Amazon and donated over $180,000 to aid in the water crisis.

The Bucket Ministry was founded in 2012 on the heels of an opportunity to join the non-profit organization, Amazon Outreach, on a mission trip to the Brazilian Amazon. In witnessing the pervasive lack of access to clean, safe, drinking water in Brazil, we were inspired to return stateside and begin drafting ideas for the provision of clean water.

The Bucket Ministry is a registered 501(C)(3) charitable organization and work in Mexico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Panama, Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, and South Africa.