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We are excited to help you achieve your 2024 revenue goals and shine up your ride for summer adventures!

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What to expect from the Ride N' Shine Package ($350 value)

  • 😲 Get a complete outside wash (including those dirt-lined truck beds), all hand-dried and hit with high-quality wax so you can see your impressed reflection
  • 💪 No man left behind: we’ll detail wheels and tires, trim, and moldings – down to the door and trunk seals
  • ☀ The inside will be a joy ride with a shampoo or steam clean for your carpets and an interior wipe-down with UV protector for enjoying the summer sun
  • 🚗💨 And we won’t forget the little details: we’ll spot clean the headliner, vents, cup holders, and give the interior windows a clean view for your next adventure!